February 15, 2021

A Typology of Gender Detransition and Its Implications for Healthcare Providers

Gender detransition, broadly defined as the interruption or reversal of a gender transition process, has acquired noticeable visibility in recent years. Those who detransition, commonly referred to as "detransitioners," have started to share their experiences on social media and other online platforms, raising substantial questions for clinicians working in the field of gender dysphoria.

However, detransitioners are not a homogeneous population. As gender detransition garners formal recognition within the health community, there is also a need to increase awareness of the varying motives that might lead a person to interrupt or reverse their gender transition. Having a basic typology of gender detransition should help clinicians develop a better understanding of detransitioners' potential needs, ultimately improving their healthcare services.

The full text of the article is available here.


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